Frequently Asked

Specific items in our project photos

As TASK is not an interior retailer (other than the items on our online shop), we do not readily have prices on specific items that clients might see in our project photos. If you are interested in any of the items in these images, you can email with the image in question and supply a contact number. Additionally, clients are welcome to DM us the image on social media with an email address and contact number. The design team will then put together a quote and lead time for items if they are available for sale at the time of the query.

How much does it cost to work with you?

Interior design projects vary from project to project depending on scope and requirements. Please share your email address and contact number for our design team to arrange an onsite or virtual consultation in order for us to compile a quote that suits your specific needs.

What is your design process?

Our process is summarised on the Services page of the TIS website. For a more detailed outline of how we work please email us on and/or

How do I become part of the TIS Team?

Our design team is growing rapidly. Feel free to send your CV and portfolio through to and it will be filed for future vacancies.

Can I complete a mentorship with TIS and/or Mali Langa?

Unfortunately, due to an immense workload and demanding projects, we cannot accept students or individuals looking to shadow and learn more about the industry. TASK is hoping to create more knowledge sharing content in the future, so please keep following our work for when this happens.

Can you give your take care of the full design process including building and installation?

Yes, definitely! TIS offers a full turnkey interior design studio and we do offer full project management and installation services from start to end. What this means is that we develop and manage your project from initial concept to the final installation. It is about letting our team handle all the details from research to selection, purchasing and coordinating to installation. Full service applies to a full room or group of rooms or entire home in a single installation. Many of our clients like to work in phases, and so many of our full service projects are done one complete area at a time. Full service applies even if you already own some of the pieces we will use to complete your project.

When do I start involving TASK in my new building project?

We like to establish our collaboration as early as possible. Our design team is happy to engage with your architect and main contractor as consultants prior to finalising the submissions and breaking ground. If construction of your home has already begun, please consult with us before your site is handed over as we often work with your contractors to improve built spaces to ensure your blank canvas will have unrivalled luxury.

Can you stay in our budget?

That depends on your changing needs and whether you require any variations on the original quotation. All projects start with a budget and select materials, during the project however, items may be interchanged or replaced. This will automatically influence the pricing on the project. Whilst we endeavour to include all anticipated costs in the budget or initial quotation, these amounts are subject to change in the event there are any changes or variations to the original brief, or the project is affected by unforeseen contingencies. Based on past experience, it would be prudent to allow for a contingency of 10 – 15% of the contract value for this. All quotes are valid for 7 days only and are subject to currency fluctuations. It is in the nature of these projects that the initial scope of works and items ordered may be amplified or added to as the project evolves.

What Organizations Are You Affiliated With?

As a way to build our network and grow the resources that we bring to you , we are affiliated with The African Institute of the Interior Design Professions (IID). The IID is the only professional body representing the Interior Design industry in South Africa.
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