Bringing Vision to Life

Shopfitting & Construction

At House of TASK, we bring practical, stylish, and precise interior concepts to life with an unwavering eye for detail. Through our full turnkey installation services, we transform design briefs into fully functional, aesthetically pleasing interiors crafted from quality materials and built to stand the test of time.

Our extensive workshop boasts over 20 years of industry in manufacturing a wide range of custom components. Equipped with a professional spray booth and baking facility, we ensure top-not finishes that exceed the highest standards of excellence.

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Our shopfitting service offers specialised skill and craftsmanship in the manufacturing and installation of fixtures & fittings for custom interiors that are functional and durable. Moreover, ensuring the seamless integration of bespoke elements into luxury homes, corporate, retail, and hospitality spaces.

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Our team of seasoned craftsmen bring years of experience into the intricate art of crafting wooden structures, including cabinets, doors, and staircases, using precise woodworking techniques. This service is crucial in delivering bespoke solutions for our clients, ensuring that every aspect of the interior design is tailored to their unique needs and aesthetic preferences. We seamlessly integrate custom wooden elements into our design plans, enhancing the overall quality and distinction of the interiors we create.

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As part of the House of TASK service offering, we specialise in the preparation of spaces for interior design, by removing all existing finishes at the end of a rental period. The completion of this process leaves only the basic elements of an interior – walls, floors, and ceilings – painted white, inviting the
space to embrace new possibilities and transformations. Through this service, we optimise space for the flawless integration of our design concepts, ensuring efficient execution of each project.

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Aesthetic Functional Unique

Fit for purpose interiors and designs. Our clientele are masters of practicality, aesthetics, mood, & uniqueness. Our designs reflect innovation in ergonomics, sales philosophy, comfort, as well as current trends & styles.



  • New store concepts
  • Retail store revamps
  • Custom carpentry & cabinetry
  • Shopfront fabrication
  • Point of sale display stands
  • Racking and shelving solutions
  • Bulkheads Joinery specialist
  • Shopfitting installations
  • Design & prototyping
  • Retail/Franchise interior design
  • Store space planning
  • Glass/perspex fabrication
  • Aluminum fabrication
  • Drywalling, ceiling & partitioning
  • Steel fabrications
  • Painting and tiling
  • Metal work
  • Minor building work


  • Space planning and ergonomics
  • Interior architecture and design
  • Lighting design
  • Point of sale display designs
  • Shop fitting drafting
  • 3D renders
  • CAD modeling
  • Project Management


  • Bespoke furniture manufacturing
  • Retail/ Franchise design and
  • Signage design and manufacture
  • Artist – fabrication of Wall Murals / Oil Paintings / Abstract Art / concept designs as per consumer
  • Timber fabrication
  • CNC laser fabrication
  • Metal fabrication and powdercoating

Project Management

Our team boasts seasoned project managers who ensure the flawless execution of every project. They meticulously oversee all aspects of your installation, including construction and installation teams, onsite survey safety, and stringent timeline and budget control. Our comprehensive management guarantees that every detail is handled with precision and expertise, delivering outcomes that consistently exceed client expectations.

Crafts people of the highest standard

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