Nomalungelo Magubane

With her high passion and enjoyment of numbers, formulas and calculation, Nomalungelo enjoys her Quantity Surveyor role for the Task Team.

By taking caution on project costs and ensuring the best cost-effective solution is applied in every project costing, Nomalungelo ensures that all project finances are used accordingly and within budget without compromising the quality of the project.

Through her refined years within the interior fit-out sector, Nomalungelo has understood the importance of project delivery. She applies the same personal financial expenditure on projects as she would on her personal life to view costs through the Client’s eye.

Currently Nomalungelo holds a National Building Diploma from Mangosuthu University of Technology, with priority plans to advance her qualifications to obtaining a BscHons in Quantity Surveying and be a professionally registered Quantity Surveyor that specializes in Interior fit-out/deco.

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