Rutendo Chemere

A member of TASK’s interior design department where technical detailing and spatial planning takes place, Rutendo has celebrated her fusion of creativity and her aptitude for all that is technical from a young age. Working in the interior design space has enabled her to merge two seemingly separate parts of her personality, allowing her to channel her passions into a career that is perfectly suited to her.

She has a particular fascination for the way spatial design influences one’s identity, and how one’s identity in turn can also inspire an interior. Rutendo got her Bachelor of Architectural Studies from the University of Cape Town, where she started working in the industry as a student.

She continued to gain experience at an architectural firm before joining the TASK team. Rutendo loves the ‘Innovation through Collaboration’ philosophy we have made our motto and enjoys the fusion of creative minds and how that allows her to continue learning and improving her work.

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